Who plays young Beth on This is Us?

On last night’s episode of This Is Us, viewers finally dived into the story of Beth, including her childhood. The actress who played the young version of Beth surprised everyone watching, as she managed to capture all of the quirks that make Beth — well, Beth! Cheers to young Beth on #thisisus. Very good performance.

This Is Us Season 4 premiere date: What we know about Season 4 so far

This Is Us Season 3 is still going strong, but since it’s nearing its end, fans are already starting to question when Season 4 will premiere and what the season will be about. While NBC is moving forward with Season 4 of This Is Us, the network hasn’t released a premiere date just yet. However,

John Smiley on This Is Us: Who is he?

During Tuesday’s episode of This Is Us, viewers were thrilled to learn that the writers made reference to a baseball player, John Smiley. In the episode, Kevin wanted to go meet Smiley for an autograph signing. Smiley, who was playing for the Pittsburgh Pirates, was rumored to be traded to the Minnesota Twins, so Kevin

This Is Us return date: When does show come back on?

The latest episode of This Is Us got postponed due to last night being the date originally planned for the State of the Union address. But bad news, fans — the next episode has also been put back! Back on January 22 the Big Three were shown dealing with secrets that Jack (played by Milo

Randall and Beth’s potential divorce on This Is Us has Twitter in uproar

Many questions were answered during last night’s fall finale of This Is Us, but many new questions surfaced – and were left unanswered, including the status of Randall and Beth’s marriage. It didn’t take long for viewers to guess that perhaps they are headed for a divorce. Of course, at this time, we simply do

Who plays Nick Pearson on This Is Us?

During last night’s episode of This Is Us, fans finally got to learn more about Jack Pearson’s time in the Vietnam war. And it was here that viewers were introduced to Jack’s brother, Nick Pearson – also known as Nicky. While the episode did answer some questions, there are still plenty of unsolved issues in