Who was Benny on Chicago Fire? Treat Williams guest-starred in important role

Benny became an intriguing member of the Chicago Fire cast and was mentioned during the latest episode of the show. Though his last name wasn’t mentioned when the character was referenced, die-hard fans of the show know that he was Benny Severide. Benny was the father of Kelly Severide, who is played by Taylor Kinney


Chicago Fire preview: Taylor Kinney featured in new episode Try Like Hell

The Chicago Fire cast is back on NBC with a brand new episode. Season 4, episode 20 titled Try Like Hell debuts tonight following a week off so that NBC could broadcast the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. As seen in the Chicago Fire episode preview shared below, Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) and Captain Hubble (Erin

Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 5 recap: Casey vs Severide

Recap of Chicago Fire, Season 6 Episode 5, ‘Devil’s Bargain’ Even though the latest Chicago Fire wasn’t really memorable in terms of intense calls, it was a fantastic character-driven hour. Following the last couple of episodes, we now got to see how Casey is adjusting to life as a Captain and, let me tell you,

Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 3 recap: Well, hello, Captain Casey!

Last night’s Chicago Fire (Season 6 Episode 3) was the most entertaining episode of the NBC hit show in a really long time. Don’t get me wrong, I love this show, but lately there was kind of a set formula to which the episodes went by. Random event happens, things are slow for half of the episode,

Chicago Fire Season 5 finale recap: The one that ended with a bang

What is it with Chicago Fire and deadly finale cliffhangers? Last night’s Season 5 finale ended, quite literally, with a bang. Following the trend of past finales, “My Miracle” started out as just another regular episode. Normal calls to the firehouse, car crashes and bizarre people doing weird stuff. Nothing out of the ordinary. What

Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 19 recap: The one that broke our hearts

Chicago Fire returned last night with a strong, classic episode. Even though we are five seasons in, they still manage to catch me off guard and punch me in the gut when I’m least expecting it. And that is exactly why I fell in love with this show in the first place, and binge watched