Swamp People: Everglades sees tegu lizards, pythons and an elusive croc

The second hour of Swamp People: Everglades titled Savage Pursuit takes the established set up and background from our previous first hour and then adds loads of life-threatening action and white-knuckle footage. Swamp People as a franchise is ripe for spinning out into a Swamp People S.W.A.T. styled team of traveling Cajuns’ show based right

Swamp People: Everglades hunt for Nile crocodiles in Monster in the Dark

Tonight, on a special two-part two-hour Swamp People: Everglades, Troy Landry needed every available lucky donut in the Sunshine State that could be had. Troy and nephew Holden head to Florida, wait for it… to bag some Nile crocodiles based on some well-sourced hearsay! Our beloved Louisiana Swamp People finale was last week, but sensing

Swamp People’s Dwaine nearly gets bit, Troy’s last gator is a giant, and new Everglades special is revealed

It was the last day of gator-hunting season on this week’s season finale of Swamp People, and things weren’t all peachy keen. The series is one of our favorite spider-infested shows on History Channel, featuring the colorful residents of Louisiana’s Atchafalaya swamp replete with sub-titles during the one-month legal alligator-hunting season. And it all ended for us this week.