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Exclusive: Troy and Holden Landry to take on Nile crocodiles in Swamp People Everglades special

Holden and Troy can't hide their excitement as they go hunting for crocs in Florida
Holden and Troy can’t hide their excitement as they go hunting crocs in the Swamp People special

Steel yourself! Massive news for Swamp People fans — History are set to air a new special as Troy Landry and his nephew Holden go hunting for Nile crocodiles in Florida’s Everglades!

Troy’s buddy, Uncle Nuisance (a real name y’all) has issued an emergency call from the Sunshine State. Whole cows are disappearing from his friend’s cattle farm in the glades.

The vast canal system and climate of the Everglades make it one of the most lethal natural spots to hike and explore in the USA.

Anacondas, gators, and now invasive Nile crocodiles. Add to that bears, vultures that will eat every rubber part of your car, wild boars, poisonous smaller snakes, stinging insects, coyotes and feral Joe Dirts.

Troy gets to work in next week's Swamp People Everglades special
Troy gets to work in the Swamp People Everglades special

It’s a dumping ground for people who bring creatures from other parts of the world. Crazy down there.

If you think gators are feisty, Nile crocs are twice their size and triple the aggression. Add to that equation, in Florida no baited hooks are allowed and you cannot use guns!

Crocs are more dangerous than gators, but that doesn't seem to phase Holden
Crocs are more dangerous than gators, but that doesn’t seem to phase Holden

You really need guns in this situation. But in Florida all you get to use is just a bangstick, crossbow or a Swiss Army knife to kill a potentially 20-foot long croc. So there’s that.

The first segment of the Swamp People Everglades special starts next Thursday, May 18, at 9/8c on History.

It’s called Monster in the Dark and sees Troy and Holden head to the Everglades to help friends whose lands are being terrorized by unknown beasts.

Then the following hour at 10/9c, Savage Pursuit sees Troy’s search get wilder and woolier in the glades…

The Swamp People Everglades special starts Thursday, May 18, at 9/8c on History.

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