Street Outlaws Season 10 previewed after New Orleans season finale

Massive news for Street Outlaws fans — Discovery is previewing Season 10 tonight! A four-minute trailer for the new OKC season airs after the season finale of Street Outlaws: New Orleans. Farmtruck and AZN from the 504 crew made the big reveal in a live Facebook post to fans as they headed to Outlaw Armageddon

Kye Kelley challenges Lamborghini on Street Outlaws: New Orleans

Kye Kelley goes fishing on this week’s Street Outlaws: New Orleans, and hooks a Lamborghini for a street race. Kye challenges the owner after spotting the black supercar parked outside a bar. When he jokingly asks if it’s fast, the owner says: “It’s a Lambo buddy, what do you think?” Scott Taylor also shakes things