Will Jason Thames from Street Outlaws: New Orleans ever be allowed to race again?

Jason Thames being helped form his car after crash with neck brace on and looking in pain
Jason Thames being helped from his car after a spectacular crash

Will Jason Thames from Street Outlaws: New Orleans ever be allowed to race again? That’s the question some people have been asking after his latest crash on the show.

After being pulled from the list for safety reasons, Jason has been really eager to get back on the track and prove to everyone that he is a safe bet. He’s been working countless hours to get the car ready for a race, but things don’t go to plan.

Car starts to skid
Jason starts to lose control of the car during a race

In a spectacular crash where his car rolled dozens of times, Jason was lucky to escape with nothing more than a good shake up.

However, the crash and the fact that some  people close to the team thought the car was not ready or safe means that the consequences for Jason could be more serious.

He really needs to convince the rest of the team that he and his car are a safe bet as they do not want a reputation for being a dangerous team.

The car on side as it rolls and starts to disintegrate
Jason’s car starts to roll as the bodywork comes flying off

They think the car has some serious issues and that it was a bad call to race it. They’re glad Jason is OK and they hope he gets the car fixed up, but they don’t want any part of a bad rep.

Car looking very beat up after thecrash
The wreck of the car after Jason’s horror crash

Meantime, in this week’s episode of the show the NOLA crew also head to Savannah to meet up with Andy Mac, Willy Dog and pro-mod Camaro driving boss Jeff Miller.

Street Outlaws: New Orleans airs on Mondays at 9/8c on Discovery Channel.

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