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David Bird Jones and Shane Lester get shot at big-tire top five on Street Outlaws: NOLA

Shane Lester pointing to the sky on Street Outlaws: New Orleans
Shane Lester vows to start racing his way to the top of the big-tire list on Street Outlaws: New Orleans

The big-tire list gets a big shake-up on Street Outlaws: New Orleans tonight — when Kye Kelley gives Houston transplant David Bird Jones and Shane Lester a chance to battle for a place among the top five.

Watch footage from the episode below as Jones arrives with a confident: “Hello, ladies!”

Meanwhile, Lester, who drives both a small-tire Mustang Cobra and a big-tire Chevy Nova SS, vows: “I wanna start racing my way to the top.”

Kye, who brings the shake-up after a disappointing turn-out at Dignight, says: “Tonight’s their night to prove themselves.”

But things don’t go smoothly for everyone as footage from this week’s races shows some chaos on the track.

Street Outlaws: New Orleans airs Mondays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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