Tales of The Walking Dead recap: Before she was Alpha, she was Dee

Episode 3 of AMC’s Tales of The Walking Dead returns to familiar territory — both in what to expect from this universe as well as characters. Episode 2 took a decidedly strange turn with a Groundhog Day-like episode introducing two characters stuck in a time loop as they tried to navigate the zombie apocalypse. Blair


Cassady McClincy on The Walking Dead cast: Alpha’s daughter shines

Cassady McClincy on The Walking Dead cast has presented an intriguing element to the storytelling of the show. She first stepped into the role of Lydia at the end of Season 9 and has continued in the part during Season 10. A number of flashback scenes have been used to show how Alpha (played by


The Walking Dead sneak peek: New episode clip revealed

The Walking Dead sneak peek for Season 10, Episode 2 has been released. The episode is called We Are the End of the World and it airs Sunday night on AMC. As we previously reported, there are going to be a number of flashbacks that reveal the origins of Alpha and Beta. It will also