Cassady McClincy on The Walking Dead cast: Alpha’s daughter shines

Cassady As Lydia S10 E4
Actress Cassady McClincy as Lydia during Season 10, Episode 4 of The Walking Dead. Pic credit: Eliza Morse/AMC

Cassady McClincy on The Walking Dead cast has presented an intriguing element to the storytelling of the show. She first stepped into the role of Lydia at the end of Season 9 and has continued in the part during Season 10.

A number of flashback scenes have been used to show how Alpha (played by Samantha Morton) and her daughter, Lydia, have ended up as part of the Whisperers. During flashbacks, though, Havana Blum steps in as young Lydia.

Lydia has been an area of contention for a lot of episodes already, beginning with some of the survivors, including Daryl, Tara, and Henry working to try to keep her safe. Protecting her at Hilltop was one of the reasons that 10 people ended up having their heads placed on spikes to separate the borders.

During the latest episode of the show, called “Ghosts,” Negan tried to step in and help Cassady as she was being bullied by people who feel she should be cast out.

Negan killed Margo, saving Cassady, but endangering his own life moving forward. The relationship between Negan and Lydia is likely to be revisited soon.

Cassady can be seen below, posing as Negan for an episode of Talking Dead.

Who is Cassady McClincy on The Walking Dead cast?

Cassady just turned 19 and she currently plays Lydia on TWD. Lydia is the daughter of Alpha, who is the leader of the Whisperers. At some point, Lydia may be forced to face off against her mother again in Season 10.

Before joining the hit AMC show, Cassady was on Season 1 of Castle Rock as the young Molly Strand. She appeared as Tandy Ainsley on a season of Daytime Divas and popped up in an episode of Ozark on Netflix.

She also has a few small movie credits to her name, including playing Jackie in the movie Love, Simon.

Based on her role as Lydia on The Walking Dead, it would not be surprising to see Cassady McClincy get even more acting gigs when she moves on to other things.

That’s exactly what happened for people like Lauren Cohan (she plays Maggie) and Danai Gurira (she plays Michonne).

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC.

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