The search for mythical creatures continues on Chesapeake Shores

Last week, the town of Chesapeake Shores was filled with tourists eager to prove the existence of a Snallygaster, a mythical creature that supposedly roams the Maryland woods. While Jess (Laci Mailey) eagerly served snacks to people in town for the Snallygaster hunt and spouted off facts — Theodore Roosevelt considered hunting for it at


Abby’s new love interest on Chesapeake Shores has fans divided

Last week, Chessies were introduced to the man expected to take the place of Trace Riley in Abby O’Brien’s heart. Evan Kincaid, the self-described “eccentric billionaire,” hover boarded into town just one episode after Trace took off in his pickup truck, crushing any hopes of a Trabby reunion. But some fans didn’t know what to