Exclusive interview: Callie North on why she tapped out on Alone

Last week on Alone saw a fan favorite and someone who we assumed was a front-runner do a surprise tap out. We never saw it coming as Callie North called for the retrieval team. She had cooked a beautiful meal of rainbow trout and foraged greens while it appeared her fellow contestants were bombing out,

Winter is coming on History’s Alone as six contestants remain

This week’s nail-biter episode of Alone on History features the six remaining contestants nearly at the two month mark. Our team at Monsters and Critics is divided over who’ll win between Greg Ovens, Callie North and Zachary Fowler. However Dave Nessia, who appears psychologically loopy at times, may just surprise us all if his wild boar


Infected spider bites torment Callie on Alone as contestant taps out

SPOILERS: Recap of Alone Season 3 Episode 6: Along Came a Spider This week’s Alone features an arachnid emergency — as it’s not wild boars or pumas but spiders that have one contestant totally bugged out. Patagonia is still no joke as Episode 306 begins with Day 45, as seven people remain on the History show.


We are team Fowler, Greg and Callie after nailbiter episode of Alone

There are now seven people left on Alone. As the History reality series warns: Do not attempt to try this! Patagonia is no joke. Alone on History is addictive, and makes us yearn to hike and explore remote Patagonia. But living there…alone and with few creature comforts and minimal calories makes one stop and pause.