Winter is coming on History’s Alone as six contestants remain

A masked Dave with bow on History's Alone
A masked Dave, who is loaded for boar with a bow on this week’s Alone episode

This week’s nail-biter episode of Alone on History features the six remaining contestants nearly at the two month mark.

Our team at Monsters and Critics is divided over who’ll win between Greg Ovens, Callie North and Zachary Fowler. However Dave Nessia, who appears psychologically loopy at times, may just surprise us all if his wild boar trap actually works on tonight’s episode.

The lovely rainbow trout and brown brook trout are becoming scarce and the protein source now has to become meat from animals.

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The area of Patagonia that they are all ensconced is full of Wild Boar, foxes, and pumas — though it’s highly unlikely they will kill and eat a puma. Last we saw, Carleigh was being stalked by a large cat when she was sleeping outdoors.

So this is what we know so far: Six People Remain. Carleigh Fairchild. Zachary Fowler. Megan Hanacek. Dave Nessia. Callie North. Greg Ovens.

Each Alone participant was able to bring along clothing, safety, and survival gear to Patagonia. But not as much as you think.

Here’s a list of all of the standard items the participants are given, plus a list of ten special items they could select.

If Greg can beat the hypothermia (last week promos showed him in this week so we know he survives) we believe this scrappy Canadian has the right amount of smarts, strength and heart as well as sanity to give the female leader, Callie — who has braved infected spider bites which left her with fever — a run for her money.

Wild card contenders are Fowler, Carleigh and Dave. We’re not sure about Megan as not as much footage was ever shown of her.

The real cold is coming now, and with protein being an issue for them all, who do you think is going to pull it out and last the longest?

Check out the preview teaser below…

Alone airs Thursdays 9/8c on History.

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