Fowler, Megan and Carleigh last three on History’s Alone: Who will win in the finale?

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Zachary Fowler desperately needs a proper meal and misses his family

UPDATE: Zachary Fowler was the winner of Alone Season 3 on History

History’s survivalist show Alone is addictive and makes the wanderlust rise in those of us who watch and wonder, ‘Will I ever get to see and experience Patagonia in my lifetime’?

Season 3 has been nothing short of amazing. The terrain is gorgeous, pristine and not easy to conquer. We saw as the contestants were individually dropped in various spots near multiple lakes in the foothills of the Andes mountain range.

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Some seemed to get nicer locations than others, like Callie North who never was bothered by boar, puma, and foxes.

Others like remaining finalist Zachary Fowler were put in a dark holler and had to relocate his base camp.

Now Fowler, the native New Englander, who lives in a yurt with his family and builds boats in Maine, is left with two capable and admirable women — Carleigh Fairchild and Megan Hanacek.

Will a woman win this season of Alone in Patagonia? Up until this year the show was based in Northern Vancouver Island, and the winners have been men — Alan Kay and David Mcintyre respectively.

Megan ended last week’s episode with a massive toothache that woke her up. Carleigh made a drum and cried when she played it. Fowler is going mad from starvation and desperately needs to find food.

Megan Hanacek awoke with a terrible toothache, but will she survive and win?

Each of these three finalists has a unique skill-set and life history that means their hanging in there makes total sense.

But a lack of salt is causing issues as this location has no sea water or tides and shellfish to take advantage of. Fresh lake rainbow trout has been the main source of protein.

Of the final three, Fowler is an expert trapper and builder, Megan is a professional forester and biologist and Carleigh appears she was born to do it based on her published CV.

Creating a drum and playing music elicited an emotional response from Carleigh

The youngest finalist grew up living in the woods, skinning animals and learning survival skills. Her formal education includes “primitive living skills and ethno-botany”.

How do you beat that? We will find out tonight…

The Alone Season finale airs tonight at 9/8c.

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