Who is Jimmy Veneziano from NCIS: Los Angeles?

Fans are asking who is Jimmy Veneziano, following the most recent episode of NCIS: Los Angeles. At the end of the episode, a tribute was given for Veneziano, honoring his work with the show. The message simply stated, “In memory of Jimmy Veneziano.” While people working on the show certainly know who he is, he

Who is Joelle on NCIS: Los Angeles?

Joelle on NCIS: Los Angeles is back. During the latest episode of the show, Joelle Taylor reappeared. This is an interesting turn of events and a really interesting moment for long-time viewers of the show. Who is Joelle on NCIS: Los Angeles? Joelle first appeared on the show in 2014, during an episode called War

Who plays Deputy Crown Prince Kamal on NCIS: Los Angeles?

Ritesh Rajan will guest star as Deputy Crown Prince Kamal on NCIS: Los Angeles. According to the preview and sneak peeks for the upcoming episode, Callen and Sam are assigned to protect the Crown Prince. As can be expected, some drama will ensue. Who is actor Ritesh Rajan on NCIS: Los Angeles? Rajan portrayed Linus Ahluwalia on

What happened to Kensi on NCIS: Los Angeles this season?

What happened to Kensi on NCIS: Los Angeles at the end of the last episode has fans of the show chatting about it on social media. Kensi Blye has been played by actress Daniela Ruah since the series premiere back in 2009. A lot took place during the NCIS: Los Angeles season premiere, with the


Is Marty Deeks leaving NCIS: Los Angeles this season? [Spoilers]

Fans of NCIS: Los Angeles are wondering if Marty Deeks is leaving the show. That’s the question on the minds of many viewers of the popular crime drama. The season premiere aired Sunday night (September 30), revealing what happened to the team while in Mexico. Eric Christian Olsen joined the show at the beginning of


NCIS Los Angeles was renewed for 2018 after cliffhanger, but who is leaving?

NCIS Los Angeles is coming back to CBS this month and viewers are eager to learn the aftermath of the explosion that rocked the show’s season finale back in May. Just before the episode wrapped, a missile hit the car that the main characters were traveling in. The car blew up and viewers were left