Is Hetty Lange leaving NCIS: Los Angeles? What happened, and will Linda Hunt return?

Linda Hunt as Hetty Lange on NCIS: Los Angeles. Pic credit: CBS
Linda Hunt as Hetty Lange on NCIS: Los Angeles. Pic credit: CBS

Is Hetty Lange leaving NCIS: Los Angeles? Linda Hunt’s return is now in question after the latest episode of the show. This character arc for Hetty goes back to the Season 9 finale. Allowing her team to go to Mexico and almost losing all of them has put her in the crosshairs of her bosses.

Enlisting some local help has also put her in the spotlight, but this isn’t new information when it comes to Linda Hunt’s character. Over the seasons, even while losing several agents under her watch, she has always done everything she can to make sure her team succeeds.

Is Hetty Lange leaving NCIS: Los Angeles?

The quick answer here is that the character of Henrietta Lange is not leaving NCIS. The question of Linda Hunt’s return is understandable, as she was in a car accident during this past summer. It could explain why she was only a voice participant in the Season 10 premiere.

Moving forward, it has been explained that Lange and Mosely (played by Nia Long) are in Washington trying to keep their jobs.

This allows Hunt to recover from any injuries she may have suffered during her accident and still keep her as an important component of the show. It could also set up some interesting subplots when it comes to who will be in charge of the team in Los Angeles.

Linda Hunt will return

Fans shouldn’t worry about Hetty Lange leaving NCIS: Los Angeles this season. She has been an important character, not just due to how well she handles a crisis, but also because she provides a lot of timely comedy to the program.

Linda Hunt, who was primarily known for her role on Kindergarten Cop before this show, has become a fan-favorite in the now 10 seasons. If production can help it, she won’t be going anywhere but back to filming new episodes of the show very soon.

NCIS: Los Angeles airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on CBS.

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2 years ago

I Do Not Like Nia Long, Mosley, or her counter part on this show, they Stop the “flow”, I find Mosley and over educated and totalitarian, and Her personality Sucks in this environment, I tune out when she is on