Melissa McCarthy has wonderful sign of support for injured SVU star Mariska Hargitay

Mariska Hargitay is getting some support from a famous fan. On Wednesday, Emmy award winner Melissa McCarthy tried to drum up support for the Law & Order SVU star as she recovers from a broken ankle. The (literal) sign of goodwill has become a viral sensation. McCarthy and Hargitay’s friendship While she’s never appeared on


Thunder Force: What was the raw chicken actually made of?

The superhero comedy Thunder Force recently dropped on Netflix. This movie stars the two notorious actors, Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer, as “estranged childhood best friends” Lydia Berman and Emily Stanton. They have clashing personalities but soft spots in their hearts for each other which allows them to be an unstoppable duo.  Throughout the movie,


Melissa McCarthy has surprising Thor Love & Thunder role

Thor Love & Thunder is shaping up to be another powerful entry in the hit MCU saga. It’s now revealed that Oscar nominee and Emmy-award winner Melissa McCarthy will have a cameo role in the film. Much bigger is that McCarthy is playing the Goddess of Death, Hela…sort of.  The play’s the thing One of

Can You Ever Forgive Me? movie review: Deserve’s got nothing to do with it

I have to say, I never got sucked into identifying with criminals like Henry Hill and Tony Montana. I knew drugs and murder were bad so as entertaining as their stories were, I never felt bad for them when it came crashing down. Lee Israel at her worst only defrauded some pretentious art collectors so


The Happytime Murders movie review: Avenue not quite

Whenever The Henson Company tries something new, they innovate techniques that pay off in future projects if not the first time. As their first foray into an R-rated puppet movie, The Happytime Murders is as innovative as The Dark Crystal, and just as flawed. P.I. Phil Phillips (Brian Barretta) is on a case when one

Exclusive Interview: Gillian Jacobs on Life of the Party and Ibiza

When Melissa McCarthy goes back to college and becomes the Life of the Party, she meets a sorority full of wacky characters along with her own daughter (Molly Gordon). Gillian Jacobs plays Helen, an older student who’s still a sophomore because she was in a coma for eight years. Jacobs spoke with Monsters and Critics

Life of the Party movie review: Revenge of the nurturer

When I was a kid, I had movies like Revenge of the Nerds and Animal House to show me how fun college would be. There haven’t really been college party movies for girls until recently with The House Bunny and Neighbors 2. Hopefully Life of the Party will be this generation’s college party movie. Deanna