Why was Luke Cage canceled by Netflix?

Luke Cage just got canceled by Netflix, shocking fans of the Marvel series. It was the second Marvel show to get canceled within the past week. Earlier, Netflix decided to pull the plug on Iron Fist, and now a second member of The Defenders no longer has a show. Two seasons of Luke Cage were

Who are Marvel’s Defenders and what are the origins?

Today saw the launch of Netflix’s fifth Marvel-inspired series The Defenders, but who are they and what are the origins? As has been very much publicized, The Defenders is an urban crime-fighting team made up of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist — but interestingly this isn’t the original line up from the

Top 10 reasons why Iron Fist will rule

Marvel and Netflix are a match made in heaven — just look at the wild critical success of Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. (We’re guessing the shows have been commercial hits as well, since they’ve all been picked up for at least one extra season, but Netflix keeps its ratings under wraps). Now it’s

Top 10 reasons why Iron Fist will suck

All right, look, it’s highly unlikely that Marvel’s Iron Fist — which arrives Friday on Netflix — will altogether suck. But as the last in a set of four shows building up to the Defenders crossover miniseries on the same online network later this year, the bar is set higher than a tall building Superman


The best television of 2016: Monsters and Critics Awards

Life as a single working mother in LA. Suburban Russian spies. A Demogorgon and the Winona-sance. The Trial of the Century. Marvel’s superhero take on Harlem’s storied underworld and a re-imagined and resurrected Westworld – these are some of the best stories of 2016. An embarrassment of riches and hundreds of new series in one