Top 10 reasons why Iron Fist will rule

Finn Jones starring as Danny Rand in Marvel's Iron Fist on Netflix
Finn Jones as Danny Rand in a still from Marvel’s Iron Fist on Netflix

Marvel and Netflix are a match made in heaven — just look at the wild critical success of Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage.

(We’re guessing the shows have been commercial hits as well, since they’ve all been picked up for at least one extra season, but Netflix keeps its ratings under wraps).

Now it’s time for Danny Rand, a.k.a. Iron Fist, to knock it out of the park before the Defenders crossover miniseries drops on the same online network later this year.

Sure, Daredevil has his “radar sense” (not to be confused with another Marvel superhero’s “Spidey sense”), Jessica Jones has superhuman strength and Luke Cage has unbreakable skin.

But Iron Fist has mad martial arts skills and telepathic mind fusion and a billion dollars. So here are 10 reasons why the last addition to the Defenders squad will steal the show(s).

1 Because Tibet

Whereas the other three superheroes were endowed with their abilities in New York, Iron Fist acquired his while spending 15 years training as a Buddhist monk and kung-fu pro in the K-un-Lun Mountains in Tibet.

Dude’s got worldly knowledge — or at least a passport — in addition to his fighting skills.

2 He’s going to kick some serious ass

Rand has a legitimate chip on his shoulder, as he’s trying to regain control over his deceased parents’ Rand Enterprises.

Even if he shows up with a smile upon his return to New York City, he “gets really stressed and really pissed off sometimes,” actor Finn Jones, who plays the character, told Entertainment Weekly.

Our “radar sense” tells us that means some serious ass-kicking is in the works.

3 Finn Jones is sexy

Finn Jones is twice as hot as the other male leads in the Netflix’s Marvel shows.

Did you witness the ladies — and Renly — collectively swoon over his Loras Tyrell character in “Game of Thrones”?

Plus, Jones’s grizzly, unkempt look should win over many a female hipster.

4 Harry Meachum

In the Marvel Comics Universe, villain Harry Meachum — ex-business partner of Rand’s father — has been plotting all along in anticipation of Rand’s return to take over his parents’ company.

What nefarious plot does he have up his sleeve?

Judging by his blood-stained face in the show’s trailer, he’s not afraid to get down in the muck.

5 Girl power

Rand has a strong ally in his corner: Colleen Wing, played by Jessica Henwick, who — at least in the comics — comes from a family of samurai warriors and operates her own martial arts dojo.

Not to be missed, Rosario Dawson is hitting for the cycle by appearing again as Claire Temple after playing the character in the other three series.

6 There’s still time to ripen

All right, so the Rotten Tomatoes scores are a bit intimidating: The site has Luke Cage towering over his compatriots at a mighty 96% (88% audience score), Jessica Jones standing at a lofty 93% (90% audience score) and Daredevil pegged at 87% approval (95% audience score).

But season two of Daredevil earned a relatively rough rating of 76%, so all hope is not lost.

And there’s still time for Iron Fist to improve upon its current score of 14%…we hope.

7 It’s got the Empire on side

Empire gave Iron Fist a favorable review, saying “that you really feel the pulp martial-arts-movie-riffing origins, and that’s thanks to its director, RZA.

“He finally gives the show a proper sense of flair, shamelessly reveling in the genre’s campier elements through a fun, three-act combat-challenge structure.

“It’s enough to make you wish they made him the showrunner.”

8 They’ve had time to think

An Iron Fist screen adaptation has been in the works forever.

A movie was in development as early as 2000 but fell apart thanks to a musical chairs of directors.

Which means that Marvel and Netflix are finally feeling confident they’ve got it right. Right?

9 It’s defending a reputation

Marvel and Netflix are saving the best for last, clearly.

After all, a lackluster entry in the four-series collaboration could damper enthusiasm for the Defenders.

And that shouldn’t happen, because the Defenders is going to rule.

We’re really, really stoked for the Defenders.

10 He’s got the best name

Iron Fist is the most badass name of all four superheroes mentioned here.

Daredevil sounds like a circus performer or, at best, a stuntman. Jessica Jones sounds like your next-door neighbor. Luke Cage only sounds half-cool.

Iron Fist? Now that’s a name you give a winning superhero.

Don’t agree with our list? Check out the 10 Reasons Why Iron Fist Will Suck.

Season 1 of Iron Fist debuts Friday on Netflix.

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