Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver begs France not to screw up like UK and USA

In a passioned plea to France, John Oliver used his Last Week Tonight pulpit to warn France not to follow in the USA and UK’s footsteps and not to f*** up. Referencing America’s controversial POTUS and Brexit, Oliver laid out his argument for France. He ended the segment speaking solely in French with sub-titles, asking

Maddening USA marijuana laws examined by John Oliver on Last Week Tonight

On Last Week Tonight, using his humor combined with real history lessons, host John Oliver drove home how America has a split personality and huge problem with the patchwork quilt of laws for marijuana. Some states have made it legal, some states only allow for medical usage and some states will lock you away for the

John Oliver lays into Trump’s ‘skinny budget’ on Last Week Tonight

John Oliver covered all the high “low” notes of Trump’s past week in office on Last Week Tonight — including his draconian “skinny budget” proposals. The show saw Oliver dissect what was an eyebrow-raising week for the former reality TV star and real estate mogul, who he described as “consistently monstrous”. It included insulting the British Intelligence

John Oliver blasts Paul Ryan’s Obamacare swap on Last Week Tonight

John Oliver did a line by line taking down on Last Week Tonight of the replacement bill the GOP has drafted to replace Obamacare. And he said the American Health Care Act (AHCA) will hurt the very people who came out in droves voting for Donald Trump. The show saw Oliver analyze the major points of

John Oliver blasts GOP’s plan to replace Obamacare on Last Week Tonight

John Oliver yesterday tackled the subject of Obamacare on Last Week Tonight — saying the GOP’s solutions put forward to replace it were flawed. Opening the segment, he joked that The Affordable Care Act was “also known as Obamacare, or in emails from your uncle as ‘FWD: FWD: FWD: The Communist takeover of American values!!!’.” He


John Oliver to Trump: ‘America and Russia are not the same!”

The weird and off-putting chummy relationship Donald Trump thinks he has with Russia and especially Vladimir Putin is dangerous for our country, according to Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver. Last night, Oliver referred to Trump as the propagandist of Putin’s dreams, saying: “America and Russia are not the f****** same!” Trump’s public remarks about Russia