Moxie: Josephine Langford plays the popular cheerleader Emma Johnson

Amy Poehler’s latest movie has been making waves across the internet. Moxie dives into the lives of modern-day high school teenagers, highlighting the good and bad of their behaviors as the main protagonist decides to start distributing a feminist magazine.  Starring as Emma Johnson in Moxie is the actor Josephine Langford.  Who is Emma Johnson? 


Amy Poehler’s Moxie movie releases Netflix official trailer

The upcoming comedy-drama Moxie finally shared its official trailer and release date. Coming on March 3 will be a rebellious coming-of-age movie about 16-year-old Vivian Carter and her journey to disrupting the status quo.  Moxie is directed by the legendary comedian and “jack of all trades” Amy Poehler. She made her directorial debut with Netflix