Idris Elba really might be the next James Bond

With the release of No Time to Die in 2021, Daniel Craig ended his role as James Bond. As with the Bond movies, the franchise will continue on and a new actor will step into the role of 007 to move the series into the next generation. For many fans, the perfect choice for the


Lashana Lynch: Who is actress rumored to play Agent 007 in the next James Bond film?

Actress Lashana Lynch is reportedly playing Agent 007 in Bond 25, the next movie in the Ian Fleming-inspired series expected to hit theaters early in 2020. Sources that reportedly spoke with Mail on Sunday revealed that Lashana Lynch will not be playing James Bond. Her character replaced Bond as Agent 007 after Daniel Craig’s Bond

James Bond 25 loses director Danny Boyle

Just five months after Danny Boyle became attached to direct James Bond 25, the filmmaker has parted ways with the long-awaited sequel. The news was made official by the 007 Twitter account, where producers Barbara Broccoli, Michael G. Wilson and producer/star Daniel Craig revealed “creative differences” lead to Danny Boyle’s exit. Michael G. Wilson, Barbara


SS-GB recap: Episode 1 brings us Nazis, intrigue and murder

SS-GB, a new drama from the BBC, brings us an alternate history for the outcome of the Battle Of Britain, which took place in 1941. In the series, the Germans won the battle for air superiority and took power in the UK. SS-GB picks up the story 14 months after the invasion of Britain and centres on Detective

The best movie cars of all time

Filmmakers have often used cars to give their films some added box-office appeal. In fact, in some cases a film is even based around a car. Sometimes the car is the star, sometimes the hero, other times the villain. Here are our 10 best movie cars of all time. 1Eleanor from Gone in Sixty Seconds The iconic Ford

Tom Hiddleston: I’m sorry to disappoint you about James Bond

Tom Hiddleston has responded to the speculation that he’s going to be the next James Bond — and it’s not the news his fans were hoping for. The actor, who recently played a spy in the BBC/AMC adaptation of John Le Carre’s The Night Manager, was asked about the claims as he appeared with Chris Hemsworth