Tom Hiddleston: I’m sorry to disappoint you about James Bond

Tom Hiddleston has responded to the speculation that he’s going to be the next James Bond — and it’s not the news his fans were hoping for.

The actor, who recently played a spy in the BBC/AMC adaptation of John Le Carre’s The Night Manager, was asked about the claims as he appeared with Chris Hemsworth at the Wizard World Comic Con in Philadelphia.

After a huge cheer from the crowd, he said: “I’m sorry to disappoint you, everybody. I don’t think that announcement is coming. I am very gratified to hear the enthusiasm. There’s not much I can say that I haven’t already said — your guess is as good as mine, to be honest.”

Just last week Hiddleston posted a Bond-esque photo of himself, below, in an ad for Jaguar — the firm behind the C-X75 car driven by villain Mr Hinx in the last 007 film Spectre. He has also previously appeared in other James Bond-style ads for the car firm, which have played a part in fuelling the rumors.

Speculation began to circulate that Hiddleston was set to replace Daniel Craig as the legendary spy following his role as an undercover agent in The Night Manager.

And they reached dizzy heights last month when bets on who would take the role were suspended by bookmakers following a series of big bets on Hiddleston.

Watch his response to the claims at Wizard World Comic Con in the video below.

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