Glow Season 4 release date and cast updates: When is it coming out on Netflix?

GLOW is inspired by the 1980s wrestling television series of the same name – Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Through the first two seasons, the colorful comedy-drama series on Netflix has picked up 15 Emmy Awards throughout its run and is going to return for more. This announcement came after GLOW won an Emmy Award in


GLOW Season 3 release date: When will the comedy drama come back on Netflix? [Updated]

UPDATE: GLOW Season 3 will premiere on August 9, according to Deadline. The series, set in the Los Angeles in the 1980s,  follows the fictional character Ruth Wilder (Alison Brie), a struggling actress who finds stardom in women’s wrestling under director Sam Sylvia (Marc Maron), a former B-movie director. She also finds herself competing with

GLOW Season 2 exclusive interview: Britney Young is ready to rumble as Carmen

GLOW returns for Season 2 this Friday night and features a crack ensemble cast with a standout player — gentle giant Carmen “Machu Picchu” Wade, played by Britney Young. A quiet force of nature, Carmen hails from wrestling royalty and brings actual knowledge to the ring while the other ladies play catch up learning the ropes,

GLOW star Marc Maron talks Sam Sylvia, #metoo and more

On Netflix’s GLOW, Marc Maron’s acerbic and salty director with an angle, Sam Sylvia, is one of television’s best antihero characters of late. And if you ask him, it’s a nice change from playing himself on TV [Maron, IFC] according to a revealing new interview roundtable with comedy’s Emmy actors for The Hollywood Reporter. Maron


Everything you need to know about GLOW Season 2 on Netflix

The Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling are back in town and fame is a bitch as the new season follows the women of GLOW as they bask in their celebrity..sort of. Marc Maron’s Sam Silvia gushed about GLOW last season as “porn you can watch with your kids,” yet he has become a proper manager/director who

Who is Sheila the She Wolf on GLOW? Meet Scottish actress Gayle Rankin

In Netflix’s breakout summer hit GLOW one of the most entertaining ensemble members is mysterious Sheila the She Wolf, played by Scottish actress Gayle Rankin. The series boasts many talented players who we will deep dive into through July. But Gayle’s shy and tortured character has captured the hearts of many fans; her portrayal a brilliant