The Kampilan: Story of epic sword from Forged in Fire

This week’s Forged in Fire sees the bladesmiths having to create replicas of the epic Kamilan sword. The Kampilan hails from the Philippines and is a long, single-edged tapered weapon, narrower and thicker at the bottom near the guard than it is at the top. It is known for its size, usually measuring between 36in

What is the Kachin Dao headhunting blade from Forged in Fire?

This week on Forged in Fire, two smiths have only a few days to forge a Burmese Kachin Dao. Dao or doh is just the Burmese word for sword and the Kachin people of Burma are hardy hill people who live in the northern area of the country. Bordering China, India and the troubled Burmese state

Masters vs. apprentices take on the jelly-roll technique on Forged in Fire

This week on Forged in Fire, the masters compete against their own apprentices using the jelly-roll technique. The task this week is to make a cleaver utilizing the method, which involves taking seven to 13 layers of steel and then flattening them out into a strip. This is later heated up and rolled into a jelly

What is the cinquedea sword from Forged In Fire?

This week on Forged in Fire the two finalist have to craft a cinquedea, but what is this Italian sword? The cinquedea became popular in renaissance Italy in the 15th and 16th centuries. It was primarily used by civilians and resembled more of an intricate long dagger than a sword. Cinquedea means five fingers and this is the width of

Talwar sword: History of the weapon recreated on Forged in Fire

Forged in Fire this week on History sees the finalists having to recreate the sacred but deadly talwar sword. Here we look back at the history of the blade and it’s significance. The talwar, which also sometimes features the alternative spelling talwaar or tulwar, comes historically from the Indian Subcontinent and is a long and narrow single-handed

Forged in Fire: What is an Akrafena?

This week on Forged in Fire the finalists have to create an African sword know as the Akfrafena. The swords were used both in warfare and as part of martial art, which specialises in fighting at close range using knives and improvised weapons. Typically they made up of three parts and include an iron blade, a carved


One makraka two makraka plus a karambit on Forged in Fire

On tonight’s Forged In Fire, we head to Africa and Southeast Asia as inspiration for the blade tasks for the four contestants. This original competition series hosted by weapons expert and US Army and Air Force veteran Wil Willis brings us world-class bladesmiths who face off to recreate the most lethal weapons. For the $10,000

Forged in Fire: Medical drama as contestant collapses, plus Katzbalger challenge

On tonight’s Forged in Fire on History, titled The Katzbalger, one contestant falls ill with chest pains and is taken away by ambulance as the three remaining contestants battle for the $10,000 purse! The show pits third generation Alaskan bladesmith and “avid dancer” Paul, part-time bladesmith, and self-admitted super intense dude Jesse, full-time bladesmith Rashelle,