Masters vs. apprentices take on the jelly-roll technique on Forged in Fire

Still from a video demonstrating the jelly-roll technique, as used in Forged in Fire
The jelly roll technique, as demonstrated in the video below, which is used on Forged in Fire

This week on Forged in Fire, the masters compete against their own apprentices using the jelly-roll technique.

The task this week is to make a cleaver utilizing the method, which involves taking seven to 13 layers of steel and then flattening them out into a strip.

Red-hot steel being rolled up
Rolling up the steel, which is part of the jelly-roll technique
Red-hot metal rolled up in a 'jelly-roll'
If the metal is tapered before rolling a whirlpool effect can be created

This is later heated up and rolled into a jelly roll shape, before being welded together with pressure.

This results in some stunning patterns on the metal and is a technique often seen in Damascus steel and decorative weapons.

The end result, ready for use
The beautiful patterns in the end result, ready for use

The finalist this week will be tasked with forging a Congolese axe known as a Nzappa Zap.

You can see demos of the jelly-roll technique by Big Dog Forge and Ed Caffrey in the YouTube videos below.

Forged in Fire airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History Channel.

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