What is the African throwing knife called the Kpinga from Forged in Fire?

Photo of a Kpinga
The lower spike on the Kpinga is said to represent a man’s penis!

This week on Forged in Fire, the two competitors in the final round have to create the African throwing knife known as the Kpinga.

The Kpinga is a large bladed throwing knife that was used by the Azande of Nubia. Also known as the Hunga Munga, this weapon was up to 22 inches long and had three different blades of varying shapes sticking out of the top.

They were mainly used by people of status and professional warriors, thgough they were also sometimes part of a dowry that made had to pay to his bride’s family.

black and white photo of Azandi warriors
Azande warriors used the Kpinga in battle

Nubia was a region which formed an ancient kingdom taking in much of what is now central Sudan and southern Egypt.

Also on this episode, the smiths have to create the tricky Damascus style pattern on their signature weapon.

Forged in Fire airs on Tuesdays at 9:00 P.M. on History Channel.

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