Dirty John Season 2: Bravo’s renewed show may tell different story

Dirty John has come to an end and fans were excited and scared to watch how the first season of the real-life drama between Debra Newell and John Meehan came to a dramatic end. Now that we have some sort of conclusion to this twisted thriller, fans are wondering when Season 2 will be arriving

Who is Bobby Sellars on Dirty John? Name change causes confusion

During last night’s episode of Dirty John, viewers heard the story of Cindi Newell’s death. The show’s portrayal of the story is a little different than the real-life version, which caused some confusion for viewers. On Bravo’s Dirty John, Bobby Sellars is the name of Debra’s brother-in-law, who shot Cindi Newell to death. On the

Who plays Debra Newell on Dirty John?

It may not have come as a big surprise when Connie Britton was chosen to play Debra Newell on Bravo’s new scripted show, Dirty John. She appears to be the queen of television series’, as she’s appeared on many well-known shows throughout the years. While she may best be known for her roles in American

Who plays Veronica Newell on Dirty John?

Juno Temple is the actress behind the character of Veronica Newell, the woman who has kept herself out of the spotlight since the Dirty John podcast was released. The real-life Newell was the first to start suspecting that John wasn’t who he said he was, so the portrayal of her must be feisty, stern and

Who plays Terra Newell on Dirty John?

Julia Garner is an actress who has played some diverse roles , including the part of Ruth Langmore on Ozark. However, tonight, Bravo viewers will get to see a different side of her as she takes on the role of Terra Newell in Dirty John, a show based on a real-life story. Despite only being