When does Dirty John premiere on Bravo? Premiere date, cast details and everything else you need to know

Dirty John
Dirty John is Bravo’s newest scripted show. Pic credit: Jordin Althaus/Bravo

Dirty John is coming to television — and here’s all the information you need to know, including the premiere date. Get the popcorn ready and see how Eric Bana brings the real-life John Meehan to life.

Dirty John premieres on Sunday, November 25 on Bravo, starting at 10/9c. The six-episode podcast series will be stretched into eight episodes for the Bravo season, spending the first three episodes introducing the characters.

The “Dirty John” story was originally covered by the Los Angeles Times newspaper, in both written and podcast format. Variety reports that initial episodes from Bravo doesn’t see the show deviate much from the original format, but that it possibly will in later episodes.

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The podcast tells the story of John Meehan, a man who tells the new woman in his life that he’s a wealthy doctor in California.

But the woman, Debra Newell played by Connie Britton, starts to get suspicious after her children, Terra and Veronica, played by Julia Garner and Juno Temple respectively, start to bring up red flags.

The story started back in October 2014, when the two went on a date. It’s no secret that Meehan was an interesting person. For those who have not listened to the podcast, we won’t give any spoilers as to how the story ends. However, it seemed that the actors had to learn about what was going on at the time in hopes of understanding Meehan’s actions.

Eric Bana talked about his research for the role at the Vulture Festival in Los Angeles, revealing that while he didn’t have the option to dig into the real John’s psyche for the role, he didn’t find that to be an issue.

“It gave me freedom,” he said. “Sometimes you feel the urge or you want to get in contact [with the real person]. Sometimes it can be very freeing not taking that path. For me, it wouldn’t have been practical anyway. I took the attitude that I was going to find John myself. I was more interested in his behavior than him.”

Dirty John premieres Sunday, November 25, 2018, at 10/9c on Bravo.

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