Grey’s Anatomy cast: Chyler Leigh spoke about giving Lexie Grey closure

The Grey’s Anatomy cast welcomed back actress Chyler Leigh for an episode this season. She stopped by to play the character of Lexie Grey one last time. When Meredith Grey started having former characters show up at her beach, fans hoped one of those visitors would be her sister, Lexie Grey. The hopes finally turned


Who played Lexie Grey on Grey’s Anatomy cast?

Lexie Grey returns to the Grey’s Anatomy cast during a new episode of the show. The character is going to see her sister, Meredith Grey, on the now-infamous beach where characters from the past keep popping up. The ongoing theme of Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 is that Meredith is extremely sick and while she is


Chyler Leigh comes out as queer, says Supergirl character Alex Danvers played role

Chyler Leigh, who plays Supergirl’s adoptive sister Alex Danvers on The CW superhero series, has come out as queer. Leigh came out in a moving piece published on the website Create Change, which she co-founded with her husband Nathan West (aka East of Eli) and Filipino-born graphic designer Angelo Lagdameo. According to the founders of Create