Oppenheimer review: A dialogue-driven history study with frustrating Nolan-esque tropes

Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer checks all the boxes for the distinguished director. The story involves a tortured hero navigating a problematic period, everyone wears tailor-made suits, and the women are highly depressed because of “men.” And just like Tenet and Interstellar, the film heavily dives deep into a segment of physics. However, Oppenheimer is a creative


Christopher Nolan blew up a real plane on the set of new spy thriller Tenet

While making his action/thriller movie, Tenet director Christopher Nolan decided that the best way to get the effect of a plane blowing up was actually to blow up a plane. In an interview with Total Film magazine, the Interstellar director spoke of how the film crew didn’t bother with special effects and bought a real