Is You vs. Wild real or fake?

Since Bear Grylls’ new live-action interactive survivalist series You vs. Wild premiered on Netflix, fans have been asking whether the show is real or fake. In You vs. Wild, Bear Grylls goes to different remote locations to face dangerous challenges in rugged terrains and harsh weather. While exploring the various extreme environments, viewers are allowed


Hells Canyon on You vs. Wild: Where is it located?

Bear Grylls must navigate Hells Canyon to reach a crashed cargo plane carrying antivenom in Episode 5 of Netflix’s new eight-episode interactive survivalist series You vs. Wild, which premiered on April 10. In the fifth episode, titled A Venomous Adventure (Part 1), you can help Bear Grylls make the right decisions concerning what to do


Land of the Dragons on Netflix’s You vs. Wild: Where is it located?

Can Bear Grylls survive the Land of the Dragons? Only viewers can decide his fate in one of the dramatic episodes featured in the survivalist’s new show You vs. Wild. The eight-episode interactive series on Netflix — which follows the success of the streaming giant’s first interactive series Black Mirror: Bandersnatch — premiered on the

Derek Hough on Running Wild with Bear Grylls: Everything you need to know

This week on NBC’s Running Wild with Bear Grylls, “World of Dance” judge Derek Hough teams up with Bear as they zig-zag across the treacherous mountains of Bulgaria. Fans of Bear and his inimitable survival skills reality show know that the iron man relishes in performing daring physical acts of bravery in spectacular scenic spots

Mel B goes over the edge on Running Wild with Bear Grylls

On tonight’s Running Wild with Bear Grylls – Spice Girl Mel B struggles with some heights and helps out Bear with a jellyfish sting. The pair start off at sea in a tiny boat and once they make it ashore have to deal with 200 foot cliffs and some very harsh ground. The down to