Hells Canyon on You vs. Wild: Where is it located?

Bear Grylls in Hells Canyon: You vs. Wild
Bear Grylls after being lowered from a helicopter into “Hells Canyon.” Pic credit: Netflix

Bear Grylls must navigate Hells Canyon to reach a crashed cargo plane carrying antivenom in Episode 5 of Netflix’s new eight-episode interactive survivalist series You vs. Wild, which premiered on April 10.

In the fifth episode, titled A Venomous Adventure (Part 1), you can help Bear Grylls make the right decisions concerning what to do to reach the crash site and salvage the cargo in the scorching desert environment of Hells Canyon.

Hells Canyon: Where is it located?

In You vs. Wild Season 1, Episode 5, titled A Venomous Adventure (Part 1), Grylls travels to a scorching desert location called Hells Canyon to find a cargo plane that crashed. If you have seen the episode, you might have wondered where Hells Canyon is located.

Hells Canyon is a 10-mile-wide canyon located on the border between eastern Oregon, western Idaho, and eastern Washington.

Hells Canyon is the deepest river gorge on the North American continent and is part of Hells Canyon National Recreation Area.

However, the end credits (see below) of Episode 5, A Venomous Adventure (Part 1), shows that filming did not take place in Hells Canyon — but in Nevada.

End credits:: You vs. Wild, A Venomous Adventure (Part 1)
End credits: You vs. Wild, Episode 5, A Venomous Adventure (Part 1). Pic credit: Netflix

What is the show about?

You vs. Wild is a multi-branching interactive adventure in which you get to choose Bear Grylls’ next course of action while exploring remote locations in various parts of the world.

At different stages of the show, you can choose between two alternative courses of action. If through a series of bad decision-making you lead Grylls to a dead end, he tells you that the mission is over and explains why.

The interactive sessions then take you back you to the beginning of the segment to make a new series of choices for the survival expert.

What is Episode 5, A Venomous Adventure (Part 1) about? [Spoilers]

In You vs. Wild Season 1, Episode 5, titled A Venomous Adventure (Part 1), “A cargo plane has crash-landed in a scorching desert canyon, and Bear needs your help to find it. But first, will you put him in a plane or a helicopter?”

The cargo plane was carrying antivenom and all of the cargo must be retrieved from the crash site. You have to make a choice between skydiving into the crash site or landing at the site in a helicopter.

You can then choose between having Bear climb down into the canyon and make his way to the crash site through the canyon or cross over the rocks with a rope.

But the canyon is full of dangerous “critters,” such as scorpions, and Bear may get stung while trying to negotiate the canyon. If he is stung by one of the venomous scorpions the adventure is over and he will need to be rescued.

You vs. Wild is streaming on Netflix.

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