Land of the Dragons on Netflix’s You vs. Wild: Where is it located?

Bear Grylls in You vs. Wild
Bear Grylls at the start of the Land of the Dragons episode of You vs. Wild. Pic credit: Netflix

Can Bear Grylls survive the Land of the Dragons? Only viewers can decide his fate in one of the dramatic episodes featured in the survivalist’s new show You vs. Wild.

The eight-episode interactive series on Netflix — which follows the success of the streaming giant’s first interactive series Black Mirror: Bandersnatch — premiered on the streaming platform on April 10.

Following weeks of anticipation, fans were happy when the live-action interactive series eventually launched, but it left many asking questions about the new exotic lands, wild terrain and harsh environments Grylls visits in each episode of the new series.

Where is Land of the Dragons Located?

In You vs. Wild Season 1, Episode 7, titled Land of the Dragons, Grylls is “stranded on the cliffs above a rocky coastline,” according to Netflix’s episode description, “[and he has] to make his way miles inland through a dense forest to safety — all with your assistance.”

The end credits reveal Land of the Dragons was filmed in Wales.

You vs. Wild
Closing credits shows the Land of the Dragons episode was filmed in Wales. Pic credit: Netflix

Wales’ nickname of Land of the Dragons is due to the old Arthurian legends that are replete with dragons. Visitors to Wales will notice that dragon emblems are everywhere, including on the flag, logos, clothing, stickers, blankets and mugs.

What is the show about?

In the new series, Bear Grylls travels to some of the remotest locations in the world to face harsh and dangerous situations, such as difficult terrain, harsh weather, deadly predators, and venomous snakes.

While exploring these locations viewers are able to make decisions about what happens to the survival expert and what course of action he should take as he struggles to survive in different extreme environments.

Viewers have the opportunity to select one of two options at different stages in the series. For instance, at one point Grylls is shown hanging precariously on the side of a cliff and viewers can chose between two alternative courses of actions: Jump or Rappel down.

What is Episode 7, Land of the Dragons, about? [Spoilers]

The Land of the Dragons episode starts on the edge of a rocky coastline in Wales, and Bear at first has to decide whether to climb up or around a cliff to make headway.

He then has to decide whether to eat a raw nesting bird’s egg (yuk!) or gorse (prickly!)…before getting stuck in a bog. He then has to seek shelter in either a cave or forest before battling a wolf and making his way to safety. But whether he makes it or not is up to you!

You vs. Wild is streaming now on Netflix. 

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