Taylor Swift’s Willow music video: 5 fascinating facts, tidbits, or Easter eggs

taylor swift willow video 5 interesting facts tidbits easter eggs
Taylor Swift in a scene from her Willow music video. Pic credit: Taylor Swift/YouTube

Music sensation Taylor Swift recently surprised listeners with her ninth studio album, Evermore, which brings 15 standard tracks, with two more songs on the deluxe edition.

Leading off the tracklist is her song Willow, with an accompanying music video now available on YouTube.

It features Taylor going into a magical or enchanted forest, with her also performing at a circus festival, becoming trapped inside a glass box, and even joining a group of witches, all as she continues to try to rendezvous with a romantic interest.

The video has led to viewers noticing Taylor’s outfit choices and costars, as well as the potential reveals of some other interesting tidbits or Easter eggs.

Taylor Swift’s willow music video arrives online

The Willow music video premiered on Friday, December 11, and was directed by Taylor Swift herself, along with Academy Award nominee Rodrigo Prieto billed as director of photography.

It starts as a continuation of Taylor’s previous music video for her song Cardigan, which appeared on her Folklore album several months ago.

Taylor is the music video’s main star (below), which features fairy tale and folklore-style visuals with a forest and festival amongst the main settings.

The song itself is about yearning for love and how life will take twists or turns to ultimately lead someone to their ideal relationship.

“Life was a willow, and it bent right to your wind/But I come back stronger than a 90’s trend,” Swift sings in part of her song.

1. Willow features Swift’s tour dancers

The willow video brought plenty of praise and fans’ excitement over what appears to be more creative genius from one of the biggest pop stars on the planet. It also brings some interesting tidbits with it.

One of those is what a fan pointed out based on the end credits. A number of the people dancing in Taylor’s new Willow video have danced with her on tour.

In fact, the video’s costar, Taeok Lee, danced on Taylor’s 2013 RED tour, as one fan pointed out from his older Instagram photos.

Taeok took to his Instagram following the video’s release to thank Taylor for including him as one of the main stars.


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A post shared by Taeok Lee (@taeok)

2. Snake imagery present in scene

In one scene during the circus or festival where Taylor performs, several bystanders are watching from nearby. Just behind a trio of individuals is a poster with snakes on it with “The Python” written under the image.

taylor swift music video for willow
Scene from Taylor Swift’s Willow music video. Pic credit: Taylor Swift/YouTube

It’s believed this is a callback to the snake imagery that Taylor was using throughout the time of her album Reputation, which came in 2017. That followed a situation involving Kanye West and Kim Kardashian calling Taylor out in 2016.

A leaked phone call was part of all that, revealing that Swift wasn’t fully aware of some of the lyrics Kanye was planning to use in his song Famous.

The scene in the Willow video showing the snakes on a poster, along with several individuals laughing, may represent the public mockery that Taylor endured at the time of all this, per Elle.

3. A few of Taylor’s outfits connected to her other videos

At the very start of the Willow music video, Taylor Swift is seen wearing a cardigan, which matches what she was wearing at the end of the video for the song Cardigan.

Later in the video, she emerges wearing a cloak for her outfit. Fans have pointed out how this resembles the outfit she wore in her …Ready For It? video.

In the scene where Taylor performs in the circus or festival area, many people believe that her outfit is very similar to what she wore in her Love Story video.

4. Appearance of witches may tie into other song lyrics

Swift appears to be connecting quite a bit of the concept in the Willow video to other videos or songs she’s released. In particular, the appearance of a group of witches in the woods harkens back to a few of her songs.

Per EW’s report, Taylor referenced witches in the songs I Did Something Bad from Reputation and Mad Woman from Folklore.

Now they appear visually for part of her new Willow music video.

5. Taylor’s tiara is available for pre-order

For those who want the ultimate way to replicate Taylor Swift, it’s possible to pre-order that fancy tiara she wears in the Willow video.

However, it comes with quite a price. According to Billboard, the Jennifer Behr Priscilla Tiara costs $1,225.

For those willing to pay the cost to have that same tiara, it’s available for pre-order via the Jennifer Behr website.

Notice anything else that popped up in Taylor’s video? Let us know in the comments below.

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