Kanye West and Taylor Swift ‘Famous’ phone call video leaked: Fans react on social media

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Taylor Swift’s fans are reacting on social media to a newly leaked video of her “Famous” conversation with Kanye West. Pic credit: ©

Taylor Swift’s fans are claiming that a newly leaked video clip of Swift’s controversial “Famous” phone call with Kanye West proves that the singer told the truth about what they discussed during the call.

The leaked video, according to Swift’s fans, confirms Swift’s claim that she did not know that West would call her a “b***h” in the lyrics of his song.

Kim Kardashian had tried to refute Swift’s claim that West did not consult her about the details of the lyrics of his song by sharing a part of the conversion that showed Kanye asking Taylor whether he could say “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex.”

Kim Kardashian called Swift “a snake” for claiming that she did not know that Kanye was going to call her “b***h” in his song.

Kanye West and Taylor Swift feud started at  the VMAs in 2009

The feud between West and Swift started with the infamous incident when West suddenly jumped on the stage while Taylor — then 19 years old — was accepting the award for Best Female Video for You Belong with Me at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) in 2009.

West grabbed the microphone after jumping on the stage and suggested it was Beyonce who deserved the award and not Swift.

West later apologized but the feud was reignited in 2016 when he released the song Famous and Taylor complained that Kanye did not give her heads-up that he would call her “b***h.”

Kim Kardashian responded by accusing Swift of lying and called her a “Snake.”

Swift suffered a backlash after Kardashian released a recording of part of her conversation with West. The recording appeared to contradict Swift’s claim that West did not tell her about the lyrics of the song.

Swift later lamented about the attacks she suffered on social media and the isolation she endured when Kim Kardashian called her a “snake.”

New leak suggests Kanye only talked about the part of the lyrics that said Taylor owed him sex

The new footage, which has gone viral on Twitter,  shows Kanye telling Swift about the lyrics for his then-upcoming song and that it was about her.

Kanye can be heard admitting to Swift that the song has a controversial line about her. Swift then inquired whether the lyrics were “gonna be mean.”

Kanye admitted that even Kim had balked when she heard it and said “that’s too crazy,” but she later changed her mind and said she liked it.


West then told Swift that the line said:

“To all my Southside n****s that know me best/ I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex.”

However, as PEOPLE noted, the lyrics of the song that was finally released was different:

“For all my Southside n***** that know me best/ I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/Why? I made that b***h famous.”

But when West told Swift during the phone call about the original line that did not include the word “b***h and the suggestion that he made her famous, Taylor can be heard laughing and saying she did not think it was “mean.”

Kanye then went on to say that he wanted Taylor to help him hype the song. Taylor said she wanted to think about it first.

The video does not show Kanye telling Swift about calling her “b***h”

Although the first video does not show Kanye saying he would call Swift “b***h,” a second video clip circulating on Twitter appears to reveal Kanye asking how she would feel if he said that he made her famous.

According to PEOPLE, Swift responded:

“I mean, you gotta tell the story the way it happened to you and the way that you experienced it. You honestly didn’t know who I was before that. It doesn’t matter if I sold 7 million of that album before you did that, which is what happened. You didn’t know who I was before that and that’s fine.”

Swift appeared to have been referencing her album Fearless (2008) when she talked about selling “7 million of that album.”

“Before you did that” also appeared to be in reference to Kanye interrupting her on stage when she was receiving the Video of the Year Award at the VMAs in 2009.

Fans react on Twitter

Many Taylor Swift fans took the video as proof that the ME! singer was being truthful when she said that she did know that West was going to call her a “b***h” in his song.

Angry Taylor Swift fans took to Twitter to express their anger and the hashtags #TaylorToldTheTruth, #KanyeWestIsOverParty, and #KimKardashianIsOverParty have been trending on the social media platform.

The latest development comes after Taylor Swift revealed that her mom, Andrea, was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor.

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