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Pink and daughter, Willow Sage, spend time answering questions on Twitter

Pink and her daughter, Willow Sage, answered fans’ questions on Twitter. Pic credit: ©

Pink and her daughter, Willow Sage, hopped onto Twitter today to answer questions from fans.

The Sober singer, 41, and Willow, 9, tweeted yesterday that they would be hosting a Q&A session on Pink’s social media site.

Fans turned out for a variety of fun and sometimes more serious, questioning while Pink and Willow replied with short videos. Pink’s son, Jameson, could be seen hanging out in the background.

The #AskPinkandWillow Q&A thread came just a couple of weeks after Pink, whose real name is Alecia Beth Moore, and Willow released their duet Cover Me in Sunshine.

Willow spoke about working with mom, P!nk

One person asked Willow what her favorite and least favorite parts were when working with her mom on the song. Willow answered, “The hardest part was remembering the lyrics to the song, and the best part was hearing it at the end when we were all done.”

Another fan wanted to know how many animals Willow owns and the names of each pet, to which Willow replied that she has a horse named Voodoo, a dog named Lua, and a lizard named Carlos.

Pink and Willow also talked about how they are managing being at home most of the time due to the pandemic.

Willow said she missed her friends and school but enjoyed having more time to read. Pink replied that she has learned how to make sourdough bread during quarantine and record her own vocals in her home.

She then jokingly said, “I do enjoy a little codependency with my children, however occasionally, I climb the walls. It’s day to day really.”

Pink and Willow Sage
Pink and daughter, Willow Sage, hosted a fun Q&A session on Twitter. Pic credit: @Pink/Twitter

The singer recently explained the meaning behind Cover Me in Sunshine, saying in a post on social media: “We all know this year has been different and challenging and at times terrifying. I personally find comfort in music; I love singing with my daughter and my son [Jameson, 4]… it’s a little different when he does it, though; I think he’s going to be in a metal band.”

Pink has discussed the family’s frightening’ battle with COVID-19

Pink opened up to Ellen DeGeneres in an appearance on The Ellen Show in April 2020 about her and son Jameson’s battle with Covid-19 in March of the same year.

She said it was especially frightening when Jameson, who was 3 at the time, became very ill.

“At one point when he started throwing up and saying he had chest pains, and it hurt to breathe, that’s the point where you [wonder], are we going to the hospital? What are we doing right now? This is the scariest thing I’ve ever been through in my whole life … I thought they told us our kids were going to be okay.”

Pink has also been honest and open about her privileged status as a famous singer and how that privilege allowed her to receive Covid testing that was, at the time, difficult to obtain for most of the population.

“It’s very controversial to people that I was able to get my hands on a test … You should be angry that I can get a test and you can’t.”

Pink lives in Santa Barbara with her two children and husband, famous motocross competitor Carey Hart, whom she married in 2006.

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