Megan Thee Stallion album release date delay: Suga on hold due to 1501 contract issues

megan thee stallion during radio interview
Megan Thee Stallion told fans that her new music is on delay due to contract issues. Pic credit: Real 92.3 LA/YouTube

Unfortunately, the new Megan Thee Stallion album release date is on delay as the hip-hop star took to social media on Sunday to let fans know the deal — or non-deal rather.

The rapper, known for the smash hit Hot Girl Summer and the mixtape Fever recently teased her upcoming debut studio album Suga.

However, that album’s release appears to be on hiatus due to a tough situation with her record label.

Megan Thee Stallion talks about contract issue on IG live

Suga may not be here as soon as fans hoped. A dispute involving 1501 Certified Entertainment is holding back the new Megan Thee Stallion album from dropping.

On Sunday, Megan broke it all down via an Instagram Live talk.

Megan admitted in her video that when she first signed her contract with 1501 she was young and didn’t know what was in the contract.

However, she said once she joined Roc Nation, she got real management and lawyers who explained what was in her contract.

She thought things would be cool between her and 1501 to renegotiate that contract, but according to Megan, once she asked for that, “everything went left.”

“So now they tellin’ a b—h that she can’t drop no music. Wasn’t trying to leave the label, wasn’t trying to not give nobody money that they feel they entitled to, I just wanna renegotiate some s–t,” Megan said in the video (below).

Megan’s plight reached the masses thanks to her online video as “#FREETHEESTALLION” was trending on Twitter on Sunday night, with fans rallying behind her cause to get new music released.

Megan teased potential Suga release date in Rolling Stone

The news of Megan Thee Stallion’s contract issues comes soon after the recent tease for her upcoming debut studio album Suga.

The rapper was featured on the recent cover of Rolling Stone magazine along with musicians SZA and Normani. Both artists were previously confirmed as making guest appearances on Megan’s future album Suga.

In part of the in-depth interview with Megan in the magazine, she mentioned the possibility of releasing Suga in May.

“May 2nd is my mom’s birthday,” the rapper hinted in the article, although she didn’t confirm anything.

Megan’s last release was the mixtape Fever, which hit No. 10 on the U.S. charts in 2019. That arrived in May 2019 via digital download. Previously, the rapper released EPs Make It Hot and Tina Snow for download and streaming.

A full-length studio album is yet to appear as part of her career achievements, though.

Fans are hoping that somehow, someway, those 1501 contract issues can be cleared up in favor of releasing some great new Megan Thee Stallion music.

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