Little Mix talks about mental health and therapy sessions for EUPHORIA. cover story

Little Mix on the red carpet
Little Mix talks mental health in new magazine interview. Pic credit: ©

Little Mix has graced the latest digital issue of EUPHORIA. magazine and were open to discussing a whole range of topics.

The BRIT Award-winning group lost original member Jesy Nelson last year after she informed fans she had chosen to leave due to the constant pressures of being in a girl group. However, that hasn’t stopped the trio, Jade Thirlwall, Perrie Edwards, and Leigh Pinnock, from continuing.

The X Factor winners released their sixth studio album, Confetti, in October 2020 and scored their fifth No. 1 single, Sweet Melody, in January 2021.

Cover girls

Along with a group cover shot, each individual member has been given their own cover too.

The Shout Out To My Ex chart-toppers all wore the same attire in a different color. Thirlwall opted for orange, Pinnock was in light pink, and Edwards opted for a turquoise green.

Check out all the covers below:

Little Mix admits social media weighs on their mental health

Little Mix has a large online following. On their group Instagram account, they boast more than 13.8 million followers, while on Twitter, they have 11.9 million.

All three members were very vocal within the interview for the magazine about how the world of social media has impacted their mental health. “I’m starting to feel like for me; personally, Twitter can feel like quite a toxic space,” Thirlwall expressed.  “So I keep going through stages of deleting it for a week before going back on again.”

“Everyone’s kind of out for blood a bit at the minute on social media, it seems. I never really go on Twitter and then come off it feeling any better about myself,” she continued.

Pinnock explained she starts to “feel so numb” after scrolling through her feed, which Edwards agreed with, adding, “It is mind-numbing, isn’t it? I haven’t posted anything since last year.”

“People are like, ‘Where is she? Where’s she gone?’ And I’m like, ‘I’m just living day by day.’” 

Little Mix informed readers that they go to therapy individually and as a group.  “We love going to therapy together,” Edwards said.

“We also have each other, which is huge. We’re each other’s support system in a way because we’re sisters and feel every emotion together. We can always lean on each other,” the 27-year-old continued.

Little Mix will embark on a Confetti tour as a trio

Little Mix may have recorded and released Confetti with Nelson and had plans to tour the record with her originally, but it seems they will be going on the road as a trio for the first time because of her departure.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the shows have been postponed until 2022.

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