Lily Allen hints unreleased performed track Party Line might be dropping soon

Lily Allen on the red carpet
Lily Allen plans to release a song fans have been waiting for. Pic credit:

Lily Allen has been fairly quiet on the music scene recently. However, that soon might change.

The 35-year-old singer took to Twitter over the weekend to let her fans know that she’s “thinking” about releasing her single, Party Line.

The song initially emerged during her No Shame Tour, which took place from late 2018 until August 2019.

After keeping fans in suspense for nearly three years, it seems like Lily may be about to release Party Line as a single.

The Hard Out Here hitmaker took to Twitter and told fans she was thinking about releasing a song titled Party Line, writing: “thinking about releasing ‘Party Line’ as an *checks notes* …… NFT. if you know you know.”

In the span of one day, her tweet racked up more than 60 retweets, 780 likes, and over 100 comments, proving to have made an impact on her 5.3 million followers.

The song was first introduced to listeners in 2018 during her No Shame tour. The catchy track was featured on the singer’s setlist for each of the shows on the world tour and made quite the impression on those who had tickets.

Ever since performing it, Allen’s fans wondered whether she ever had any plans to release the song. Nearly three years later, it seems she might.

Listen to the live version below:

Allen’s fans admit they’ve been wanting her to release Party Line for some time

“Literally been waiting very impatiently for this since you sang it in Manchester a couple of years ago… definitely do it Lily,” one user tweeted.

Pic credit: Twitter/@Gazza1991

“been waiting for party line since you performed it at terminal 5 in nyc ….. cannot wait,” another person shared.

Pic credit: Twitter/@austinspero

“ive been waiting for Party Line for so long queen ahhhhh,” remarked a third account.

Pic credit: Twitter/@nicexgemini

“My sister and I have been waiting 2 years for this,” a fourth admirer replied, adding numerous crying faces and flame emoji.

Pic credit: Twitter/@rosieslifeinc

When can listeners expect to hear Allen’s fifth studio album?

Allen’s fifth studio album appears to have been ready for release for some time now. In May of 2020, The Inquisitr reported the star had confirmed she’d finished the album in her Instagram comments but had held off releasing it due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Allen is now an independent artist and revealed the only way of making any income from the songs is by touring them.

“The only way I can make my songs work for me is from touring them, and we all know that we’re a long way off that being able to happen,” she said.

Prior to this comment, Allen stated she was tempted to just drop the album during the pandemic anyway, per Music News.

“I’m half tempted to chuck my album out. But then I feel like that’s what other people are doing,” she expressed in March 2020.

It has been nearly three years since Allen’s last LP, and it’s safe to say the world is ready for another.

While we’ve been waiting for another record, Monsters and Critics ranked her brilliant albums from “worst” to best.

In other news, it was announced last week that singing legend Janet Jackson will be participating in an upcoming documentary on her life and career to be shown on Lifetime and A&E.

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