Garth Brooks’ drive-in theater concert tour: Tickets and locations details

garth brooks concert
Country singer Garth Brooks to host a drive-in concert tour. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect/Laura Farr/AdMedia

Country star Garth Brooks’ drive-in theater concert tour is set to take the singing sensation’s entertaining show to multiple cities across the United States.

However, it will still follow state guidelines involving health and safety practices for COVID-19, thanks to a bit of creativity in the event locations.

The singer recently gave details about his upcoming concert event when he joined GMA on Thankful Thursday to speak with host Robin Roberts.

What is Garth Brooks’ drive-in theater concert tour?

On Thursday, Garth Brooks officially unveiled his big announcement about the drive-in theater concert tour.

He said they’d been looking at ways to get creative and still provide entertainment to people during the pandemic since large gatherings aren’t happening right now.

One of those ideas involved performing in a big field where people would drive up in cars, but Garth said the “logistics” didn’t make sense for that.

Instead, a guy he was working with suggested Garth putting a show on for 300-plus movie theaters simultaneously for one night.

“This is a reason to get out of the house, but at the same time, you get to follow all the COVID rules for each state and get to have fun and stay within the guidelines of social distancing…but we’re calling it ‘social distancing partying,'” Brooks told Roberts on GMA.

The concert is the latest in Brooks’ attempts to do his best to keep people entertained during the pandemic. He previously held a live streaming concert with Trisha Yearwood online. The free show crashed Facebook Live due to its popularity.

Roberts also asked Brooks about his new album. The country singer said he didn’t want to be out promoting something like that while others are suffering right now or staying home and trying to sacrifice for others.

Brooks said he’s most likely to release it “when things start to kick back up” in the country.

Drive-in theater concert tickets and locations

Encore Live will present Garth Brooks’ drive-in theater concert tour as a one-night event that will take place on Saturday, June 27.

A total of 300 drive-in theaters in North America will be part of the event. As of right now, those locations have yet to be announced. They will be revealed on the event’s Ticketmaster Universe page on Monday, June 15, at noon Eastern Time.

There’s also an email sign up area for fans on the Encore Live page to get the latest updates, and that page will likely include the Garth Brooks concert locations.

Tickets are set to go on sale several days later, on Friday, June 19, also at noon Eastern Time.

Roberts asked about ticket costs, and Brooks told her the “blessing is there’s not a lot of tickets…a ticket is a car or a truck.”

Brooks added, “It’s a hundred bucks a car, or a hundred bucks a truck,” meaning that multiple individuals can attend together in a vehicle, safely, for that low $100 ticket price.

The event plans to use contactless ticketing to keep with social distancing.

The other cool aspect of the drive-in tour experience will be the fact people don’t have a speaker sitting on their car windows or next to the car like in the past. Instead, Brooks says, “you just tune into the concert through your car stereo.”

“So you can blast it and blare it as loud as you want…windows up, windows down, sing along,” Brooks added, calling it a “perfect way for us to still get to play music and still follow all the rules.”

In addition to individuals enjoying the event from their cars, other safety guidelines will be in place for the concert event.

GMA reported that it includes employees that are working the event wearing “personal protective equipment” and also having limited capacity for restrooms at the drive-in locations.

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Gloria Jameyson
Gloria Jameyson
3 years ago

Jun 27th is my 69th birthday. My brother called and asked me if I wanted to go and could I try to get tickets. I didn’t know how much they were but when I saw 100.00 . I went back to try and reach my brother and let him know they did not say it was per person or per vehicle. When I could not reach him after 7/8 tries and afraid if I wait to long I would miss out all together….so I bought 2 tickets. then when I got my email and it explained that a ticket was for one car or truck. I immediately tried to contact Universe to obtain a refund and allow someone Else the chance to have my unused ticket. No Deal No Refunds which I didn’t see when purchasing. I felt like I had been robbed. Garth Brooks has way to much integrity to rip off a 69 yr old woman and I hope he hears my story and the Skowhegan Drive In Theatre owners in Maine get a piece of his Oklahoma mind