Bebe Rexha opens up about her sexuality and not being the ‘perfect’ pop star

Bebe Rexha on the red carpet
Bebe Rexha gets personal during her recent Gay Times interview. Pic credit: ImagePressAgency/

Singer Bebe Rexha has opened up about her sexual fluidity and making a connection to her fans, and not being the perfect pop star.

The 31-year-old singer has been getting ready to drop her second studio album, Better Mistakes.

With this in mind, Rexha recently sat down with Gay Times ahead of the album’s release to discuss her role as a pop star and how she sees sexuality as a spectrum.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, the Meant To Be hitmakers LP will feature a number of collabs with some high-profile names, some of which include Doja Cat, Lil Uzi Vert, and Travis Barker.

So far, fans have been treated to four songs — Baby, I’m Jealous, Sacrifice, Sabotage, and Die for a Man.

Bebe Rexha states she will never be the ‘perfect’ pop star

The two-time Grammy Award-nominated star opened up to the publication about her connection with fans, explaining, “My fans like it when I talk about my mental health and my weight and not being what the ‘perfect’ pop star looks like.”

“You know, I’m not a [US] size four, I’m an eight-to-ten. Some people are so good at the perfect pop girl thing: they work out every day and eat the perfect things and say the perfect things in interviews,” Rexha continued, stating she will never be that person.

 “Like, I will wake up sometimes and have a really s***ty day, and when that happens, I’m just gonna be me.”

Bebe Rexha talks about her fluid sexuality

Bebe Rexha has been open about being a member of the LGBTQ community and has discussed more about her fluid sexuality.

“What I believe about sexuality is this: it’s a scale,” she said, adding, “Have I gone out with girls before? Yes. Have I dated girls? Yes, I have. And famous ones, but I’m not naming them. Even though people would be living for it – no!”

“Have I fallen in love with a girl before? Yes,” Rexha continued. “But right now, I’m in a relationship with a guy.”

The 31-year-old insists that she is attracted to those that “inspire” her but admits being in a relationship with women can be “too emotional.”

“It’s just so hard because everybody wants to put people in boxes and I don’t like boxes, as you can tell with my music,” Rexha expressed. “Like, I don’t like boxes whatsoever.”

Bebe Rexha goes way back with her LGBTQ fans

Before launching her solo career, Rexha spent two years as a member of Black Cards, Pete Wentz’s post-Fall Out Boy project. She reminisced over the days she would meet the “emo gays” while on tour.

“I would sometimes spend three hours after the show at the merch table – even if people didn’t buy anything, I’d be talking to them and hugging them,” she said. “This was a long time before Covid, of course! But I can’t tell you how many people told me that they came out to their parents and got kicked out and saved up all their money to come to that tour.”

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