Twister 2 is trending because people don’t want a sequel

Still from Twister
The original Twister movie starred Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton as husband and wife tornado chasers. Pic credit: Warner Bros. Pictures/ YouTube

Twister 2 is trending this morning as a debate rages over if movie fans want to see a sequel to the 1996 classic about tornado chasers. And currently, those who are against the idea appear to be winning.

Written by husband and wife team, Michael Crichton and Anne-Marie Martin, and directed by Jan de Bont, Twister was a fantastic disaster movie.

The film followed the trials and tribulations of a group of ramshackle storm chasing researches during a particularly severe outbreak of tornadoes in Oklahoma.

Starring Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton, there have been debates and rumors about whether there could or should be a sequel since the original film first hit theaters.

Fans took to Twitter say ‘no’ to Twister 2

One fan said it would only be for money. They quoted Bill Paxton’s character when he accused his rival (played Cary Elwes) of only hunting twisters for money.

“If they’re making Twister 2, they’re in it for the money… not the science.”

Another fan questioned how another Twitter could take place without leading man Bill Paxton.

They wrote: “Twister 2 without this guy? Game over, man. Game over.” The ‘game over’ is, of course, a nod to another Bill Paxton movie role in Aliens.

Bill Paxton sadly passed away in 2017 after suffering a stroke following heart surgery.

Others responded, wondering how they could do a sequel without Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Jessica Moon echoed these sentiments that a sequel would “never be able to recapture the energy of the original.”

They also praised the original for it’s “nonsensical, awful CGI cows, and SO. MUCH. DRAMA. Perfection.”

Another commentator noted how a sequel made 24 years after the original would need all different actors, and as it’s a whole new era, the movie would have a very different feel to it.

Not many were in favor of a sequel to Twister

Obviously, not everyone is against the idea; one Twitter user even had an idea for a plot.

The movie grossed $140 million more than Mission: Impossible, which was released the same year and came second only to the mega-blockbuster, Independence Day.

Twister was one of the few films made in the 1990s that grossed over $500 million and hasn’t had a sequel, remake, or a franchise.

And while there have been countless rumors of a sequel, none has ever materialized, and we’re unlikely to get one in the near future as there are currently no plans.

In other movie sequel news, Simon Pegg recently announced that he’d love to reprise his role as Sergeant Nicholas Angel in a sequel to the 2007 hit comedy Hot Fuzz. His only concern is he’s now too old to play the strait-laced action cop.

Meanwhile, Netflix has confirmed its already signed up for a sequel to Extraction following the rip-roaring success of the action-packed adventure starring Chris Hemsworth as a mercenary trying to extract the kidnapped son of an Indian druglord.

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