Thor’s new god could bring about problems for the Guardians of the Galaxy

Thor's new god could bring about problems for the Guardians of the Galaxy
The Guardians of the Galaxy. Pic credit: Marvel

Russell Crowe mentioned in a recent interview that he was playing Zeus in Thor: Love & Thunder.

This is a huge announcement since it brings the first Greek god into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which has only introduced the Asgardians as gods.

This makes sense because the villain in Thor: Love & Thunder is Gorr the God Butcher, so there needs to be more than just the Norse gods.

But, the addition of Zeus also plays into the Guardians of the Galaxy, who also appear in Thor: Love & Thunder.

Who is Zeus in Marvel Comics?

Just like in true mythology, Zeus is the King of the Greek Gods on Mount Olympus much like Odin rules over the Norse gods in Asgard.

Just like Odin’s son Thor, Zeus also has a son in Hercules, although Thor is a true-blood god and Hercules is a demigod. Both sons had a lot to live up to when it came pleasing their fathers.

The Greek Gods also had one other big difference. Outside of a few notables, like Heimdall, the Asgardian gods were just people led by Odin.

The Greek Gods are all-powerful and they are mostly all related to Zeus, including famous names like Ares, Poseidon, Apollo, Hephaestus, Athena, Neptune, Hades, Artemis, and more.

Mostly, Zeus and the Greek Gods are content to sit in their home in Mount Olympus. But, there are times in history where the Olympian Gods live only to create war.

Zeus and the Guardians of the Galaxy

Zeus and his pantheon returned in the current run of Guardians of the Galaxy comics, and it was time for war.

Peter Quill and Gamora had pretty much retired from fighting and settled into a peaceful home together. However, Nova (Richard Ryder) showed up and asked Peter to help him in a battle.

Gamora was not happy, but Peter, Rocket, Hercules, and a few others left with Nova and the two ended up in a battle with the Greek Gods, who were creating a weapon of mass destruction.

To save the universe, Peter Quill sacrificed his life, detonating the weapon to self-destruct and killing himself and all the Greek Gods.

However, none of them really died. Peter instead was taken to another world, where he lived for over 100 years, never aging physically, and eventually Zeus and his pantheon found him and the war began again.

Peter ended up accepting the powers of the Sun God and became a true Star-Lord, returning to his real time to find his friends and allies had turned on each other after his death, Gamora and her team blaming Nova and his for Peter’s death.

After helping them in a battle with Knull (a symbiote god), the Guardians of the Galaxy turned their attention on a battle with Zeus, an enemy they knew could never truly die.

With Zeus arriving in Thor: Love & Thunder, and considering his connection as a Guardians of the Galaxy bad guy, one wonders if he might end up coming to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 when it hits in 2023.

Thor: Love & Thunder hits theaters on May 6, 2022.

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