Star Wars star Daisy Ridley says Baby Yoda has an advantage over her

Star Wars star Daisy Ridley says Baby Yoda has an advantage over her.
Rey and Baby Yoda from Star Wars. Pic credit: Lucasfilm

Daisy Ridley didn’t have it easy when she was portraying Rey in the Star Wars sequels.

While Rey was a lot like Luke Skywalker, many vocal fans couldn’t see past her gender.

Complaints about Rey in Star Wars

Trolls called Rey a “Mary Sue,” which was a term to indicate she was given power without earning it just because she was a female character.

It was the same simple minded statements that chased Kelly Marie Tran off Twitter.

It is a terrible statement because Luke Skywalker went from being a farmhand to a Jedi warrior who could pilot a ship and destroy a Death Star. Rey was a self-sufficient character who fought her entire life just to survive before becoming a Jedi Warrior.

Honestly, Luke got his powers easier than Rey but fans can’t get over a girl as a Jedi Warrior in the movies.

Those same fans seem to love Baby Yoda, which shows their hypocrisy at its highest levels.

Luckily, both Daisy Ridley and Kelly Marie Tran have been able to shake the trolls and not let them affect their careers.

Daisy Ridley talks Baby Yoda

Daisy Ridley has been doing interviews and press for her latest movie release, Chaos Walking. The movie came out this weekend in theaters, the same time as Tran’s new animated movie Raya and the Last Dragon.

When comparing Rey to Baby Yoda, Ridley admits that the little guy has it easier than she did.

She also said that Grogu was cheating when he was Force healing characters and fans let it slide because he was cute.

“Baby Yoda, obviously immensely powerful, but also Baby Yoda is almost cheating because Baby Yoda’s so sweet that, like, whatever Baby Yoda did you’d be like, ‘Aww!’ Whereas I’m a human so I don’t have that,” Ridley told Fandom.

“So I feel like, you know, Baby Yoda slightly had an easier time in being the Force healer because it’s like Baby Yoda being a Force healer. No, I feel like we’re both good in that space, yeah, and he definitely has cuteness on me,” she said.

Grogu has untapped Force abilities, so it seems he can do things without ever learning them. Now, he gets Luke Skywalker to teach him.

Rey also had Luke teach her, but it seems fans can give a little green Muppet more of a chance to be Force-sensitive than a girl who fought her entire life just to survive.

Daisy Ridley is starring in Chaos Walking, which is in theaters now.

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