Netflix surprises fans by releasing Godzilla Minus One overnight

Yuki Yamada in Godzilla Minus One
Yuki Yamada as his character Shiro Mizushima in Godzilla Minus One. Pic credit: TOHO

Fans of Godzilla have been waiting for months to stream Godzilla Minus One at home, and in surprising overnight events, they can now easily do so.

According to Forbes, Godzilla Minus One was slated to drop on Netflix in virtually every country except America.

Forbes reported that the international markets of Australia, Malaysia, Germany, Italy, Belgium, and Spain were the only ones officially on the list.

This news left fans wondering when the throwback Godzilla movie would be able to rent, buy, or stream on a service in the United States.

This iteration of Godzilla is more like the original Godzilla movies that everyone grew up with, where he is a terror to the people of Japan and not the good guy in the more modern Monsterverse.

When the news was shared on X (formerly Twitter), it was unclear when the release date would be for the United States, but thankfully, that news has been updated to include the US.

Godzilla Minus One fans react to the news that it is streaming on Netflix

Rotten Tomatoes scored Godzilla Minus One with a 98% score, meaning it is a good movie and not to be missed, especially by fans of the Godzilla movies.

Once fans learned they could get their fill of what some call the best Godzilla film in a long while, they started to react on X (formerly Twitter).

Fans could not control their excitement over the news that the Godzilla movie would be set just after World War II, as Japan rebuilt and had to face the incredible monster that is Godzilla.

One fan said, “YEEEEEES Saturday plans locked in.” Another said, “Oh snap!”

Godzilla fans react on X
Godzilla fans react to Godzilla Minus One on Netflix. Pic credit: @KaijuNewsOutlet/X

Everyone has seen the other Godzilla movies, King of the Monsters, Godzilla vs Kong, Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, and this movie is a good palate cleanser reminding everyone that Godzilla can be a terror.

Netflix is getting into a habit of adding hits to the streaming service without notice

Netflix is changing things up, which may be suitable for viewers. Besides the surprising addition of Godzilla Minus One this weekend, another hit show is coming to Netflix.

Bryan Cranston, of Better Call Saul fame, has a show called Your Honor that has been streamed on Showtime for two seasons.

Bryan Cranston has now announced that Seasons 1 and 2 of Your Honor will be streaming on Netflix.

With these surprise announcements for hit shows and movies, Netflix certainly keeps fans on their toes.

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