Netflix surprises fans by releasing Godzilla Minus One overnight

Fans of Godzilla have been waiting for months to stream Godzilla Minus One at home, and in surprising overnight events, they can now easily do so. According to Forbes, Godzilla Minus One was slated to drop on Netflix in virtually every country except America. Forbes reported that the international markets of Australia, Malaysia, Germany, Italy,

Movie monsters that could eat your city

Is there a better way to spend an afternoon than watching larger than life movie monsters destroy our largest cities and greatest landmarks? We have put together a list of some of cinema’s greatest monsters, aliens, and forces of nature who climbed their way into our hearts by smashing everything in sight. Attack of the

Movie Review: Kong is King once again in Skull Island

A funny thing happened at Comic-Con International 2016 during the Warner Bros. presentation. Everyone wanted to see something impressive about the DC Comics Extended Universe, which they got in Wonder Woman. However, another unrelated film got on everyone’s radar, Kong: Skull Island after a trailer was shown that had everyone buzzing and suddenly, a franchise reboot

10 best monster movies ever

Monster movies tend to be about man’s arrogant superiority over nature — which is why the plots of classics like Them! and Godzilla center around the damaging after-effects of the atomic age. Others like Frankenstein and The Fly examine man’s God complex and his need to tamper with or recreate life which usually ends with cruelty and