James Gunn teases another DC movie after The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker

James Gunn teases new DC project The Suicide Squad poster.
The Suicide Squad cast. Pic credit: Warner Bros.

The Suicide Squad director James Gunn made his biggest splash with Marvel Studios’ Guardians Of The Galaxy. Working with both Marvel and Warner Bros. now, James Gunn teases a new DC project in recent fan interaction. 

Despite his humble beginnings, Gunn is now considered a sought-after director in the superhero movie sphere. His constant and regular interaction with fans also endears him to the audiences.

After some controversial tweets from the past caused his firing by Marvel Studios, Gunn rebounded by rebooting the 2016 Suicide Squad movie for Warner Bros. Now he is currently working on The Suicide Squad, as well as spinning off one of the characters, Peacemaker, into his own HBO Max series. 

James Gunn teases new DC project and the theories are all over the place. 

During one of his frequent Instagram Q&A sessions, a fan posed the question if Gunn was doing any other DC projects. James Gunn teased a new DC project after Peacemaker, saying, “Maybe just a little. One toe dipped in.”

This could mean a variety of things. Namely, that Gunn could be just producing, or writing the script of a new TV show or movie set in the DC Comics world. 

James Gunn teases new DC project Guardians Of The Galaxy poster.
Guardians Of The Galaxy poster. Pic credit: Marvel Studios.

Alternatively, it could also mean another movie that’s he is taking on as director himself.

The latter seems unlikely, given that Gunn is currently deep into the post-production of The Suicide Squad. After which, presumably, he will be busy making the Peacemaker TV show. 

Following his completion of these Warner Bros.’ properties, Gunn is also set to return to Marvel Studios for Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3. The movie got delayed back from Marvel’s original release schedule to accommodate the return of Gunn.

A James Gunn directed Gotham PD episode? 

James Gunn teases new DC project The Suicide Squad poster.
The Suicide Squad poster. Pic credit: Warner Bros.

Given all these moving parts, it’s more likely that Gunn will have limited involvement in a DC project going forward. There is a Batman-related TV show in Gotham PD coming on HBO Max, which Gunn could easily direct an episode or two of. 

There’s also the possibility of Gunn doing something with the character of Harley Quinn, played by Margot Robbie in all iterations of the live-action version. First in Suicide Squad and then in the recent Birds Of Prey film, and finally in Gunn’s version of The Suicide Squad.

Given how Harley Quinn is as a character, quirky, bright, and off the wall, that might be the project most in-line with Gunn’s style. However, it’s also confirmed that WB offered Gunn a Superman movie at some point in the past. 

No official confirmation yet on what new DC project James Gunn will be a part of. 

The Suicide Squad releases on August 6 in theatres and HBO Max. 

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