In the Tall Grass filming locations: Where was Stephen King and Joe Hill’s Netflix movie filmed?

Laysla De Oliveira in Netflix's In the Tall Grass
Laysla De Oliveira in Netflix’s In the Tall Grass. Pic credit: Netflix

Netflix dropped its latest horror entry for the Halloween season and it’s called In The Tall Grass. The film is based on a novella that was written together by Stephen King and his son Joe Hill and directed by inventive genre director Vincenzo Natali.

The movie effectively uses a single location of a field of tall grass to make the viewer feel unease for two hours. And because of this, it has viewers wondering where exactly the horror movie was filmed.

Well, look no further. Here are all the details about In the Tall Grass filming locations.

What is In the Tall Grass about?

The film begins with siblings Becky and Cal pulling over next to a large field of tall grass, and once they do, they hear the cries of a child named Tobin coming from inside the grass. Hoping to help the kid, they soon find themselves lost inside as well. And soon, they start to realize, there’s something terrible about this place.

This results in Cal and Becky becoming separated, lost, and disoriented in the field. Not to mention, time and space don’t play by the same rules inside the tall grass.

Vincenzo Natali handled the adaptation. If you are unfamiliar with his work, his breakout film was Cube. That film demonstrated how well he is able to use a single location setting masterfully for a low-budget feature film. And while In the Tall Grass is not quite as good as Cube, it still shows Natali remains a solid filmmaker across genres.

Where was In the Tall Grass filmed?

According to IMDb, most of the production took place in Ontario, Canada. But various reports indicate specifically what areas were used in these locations, which included Toronto.

The London Free Press reported in July 2018 that the isolated church in the film was constructed on a backwoods road in Perth South, Ontario. The video above shows how they made it look like they were parked in front of an old church.

Additionally, the abandoned bowling alley used in the film was shot on location at Elmira Bowl. According to ObserverExtra, only the outside was used for the film, but the location had to close down for a few days to accommodate the production.

In the Tall Grass is now streaming on Netflix.

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