Hobbs & Shaw cameos: Spoilers for which surprise actors appear in new film

the rock and jason statham appear in hobbs & shaw
Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham star in the action film Hobbs & Shaw. Pic credit: Fast & Furious/YouTube

The hard-hitting new movie Hobbs and Shaw is now in theaters as it brings two of the popular Fast and Furious characters to their headlining debut. This latest film is expected to do quite well at the box office, just as previous F&F movies.

There’s also the fact it features one of Hollywood’s highest-earning stars, along with another guy known for starring in many action films. Despite those two popular characters, there are also some interesting Hobbs & Shaw cameos. Keep in mind that spoilers follow later on in this post.

The Rock, Statham power Hobbs & Shaw cast

It’s a high-octane action adventure film and that features two of the biggest action stars on the planet – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jason Statham. They’re the main star power driving this exciting new movie and the rest of their castmates aren’t so bad either. The movie’s official trailer gave fans a good preview of what to expect from the film, but most fans of the F&F franchise already know.

The rest of the star cast includes actor Idris Elba as the villain Brixton Lore, Hellen Mirren as Magdalene “Queenie” Shaw, and Eliza Gonzalez as Madam M. There’s also actress Vanessa Kirby playing the role of Deckard Shaw’s daughter Hattie Shaw. Those are the main players, but there are also surprise cameos.

According to IGN, lead actor Jason Statham mentioned of the film, “the favorite moments for me in this movie are the cameos. … The Fast universe is a big universe and I think this movie allows that to be the vision of what could come down the line.”

Which star actors show up? [Spoilers]

If you don’t want to spoil the fun, it’s a good idea to stop reading here. Otherwise, there are some additional stars who make appearances in the new film. The cameos are intriguing and have some people talking after seeing the film.

One of the Hobbs and Shaw cameos is from The Rock’s good pal Kevin Hart. They’ve starred together in several previous films together. Those included CIA Intelligence, Jumanji, and the upcoming Jumanji sequel film. In the new movie, Hart shows up as an air marshal named “Dickley.” He ends up giving the duo an assist during their adventure and since it’s Kevin Hart, comedy ensues.

The Rock is well known for his WWE run prior to becoming a major Hollywood star. He brought along another recent WWE star Roman Reigns (Joe Anoa’i) for a cameo in Hobbs & Shaw. Reigns is a non-biological first cousin once-removed to The Rock, but that’s still family. During the mid- and post-credits, Reigns appears with Cliff Curtis, Josh Mauga, and John Tui as Luke’s brothers in Samoa.

Another interesting cameo comes from actor Ryan Reynolds and Rob Delaney. Reynolds is known for his recent role as Deadpool and Delaney was in the sequel film briefly. In their Hobbs and Shaw cameos, they show up as CIA agents. Reynolds is Locke and Delaney is Loeb. So “Lock and Loeb” are in the film and part of the mid- and post-credits scenes.

One of the best aspects of cameos is that they open up possibilities for these characters to pop up again should there be a sequel, which seems likely based on early box office predictions.

The new movie Hobbs & Shaw is currently in theaters and has a runtime of approximately 135 minutes.

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