Hobbs and Shaw after credits: Should you stay after the movie?

Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham in Hobbs and Shaw
Does Hobbs & Shaw have a post-credits scene? Pic credit: Frank Masi/Universal Pictures

This weekend audiences will get their first spin-off from the Fast & Furious franchise putting the combative duo Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw together to save the world.

As the Fast and Furious franchise has evolved, the people behind the franchise made the intelligent move to reapproach the material like a comic book franchise. Characters are over-the-top invincible, some dead characters come back to life, and now we have superhuman bad guys with mechanical upgrades. It’s basically becoming a Marvel movie universe with cars.

With the similarities to Marvel, many might be wondering if they should stay after the credits. Here is what happens after Hobbs & Shaw ends.

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Does Hobbs & Shaw have a post-credits scene?

The answer to this question is yes it does have a post-credit scene. Three of them to be exact, and all of them have no relevance to the plot.

The first one involves Ryan Reynold’s character Locke in some kind of bunker with a bunch of dead men surrounding him. After killing the last person in the room, he calls Hobbs to explain to him that a new virus is out there and he needs Hobbs help again.

It does not seem to be an actual plot tease for a sequel but just an excuse to have Ryan Reynolds riff with Dwayne Johnson once more. It’s an extremely funny scene, but does not seem to matter much to the plot of the film. But you can never have too much Ryan Reynolds.

The second mid-credits scene involves Hobbs getting payback against Shaw for making him get a cavity search at the airport. Shaw is hanging out at a pub, drinking and minding his own business when he gets a call from Hobbs, who wants to hear his reaction over the prank he is about to pull.

Hobbs and Shaw Pick A Door Scene - FAST AND FURIOUS 9 Hobbs And Shaw (2019) Movie CLIP 4K

And what prank is this? He has sent the cops to Shaw’s location, inconveniencing his drinking time. Now, Shaw has to find a way to escape and Hobbs makes a riff about Shaw possibly getting a cavity search of his own.

Finally, the last post-credits scene which occurs after the entire credits run brings back Ryan Reynolds one more time as the conversation between him and Hobbs continues. Reynolds makes a hilarious reference to the Game of Thrones finale and mentions that he successfully stabbed a man with a brick. It’s not an important scene but it’s still hilarious.

None of this is crucial viewing but if one wishes to have a few more laughs, then they are worth sticking around for. That said, it’s not going to hinder the experiences if choosing to wait for the home release. The film is over 2 hours long, so choosing to stay for these scenes could feel tedious for some.

What is disappointing is the fact there’s never any mention of Han Lue in the film or post-credits. When this film was announced, some thought the film might finally give “Justice for Han” or that maybe the character might come back to life in the post-credits, like Letty in Fast Five. Sadly, this is not the case just yet.

Either way, the film is a lot of fun and is a worthwhile popcorn flick for the upcoming weekend.

Hobbs & Shaw is now playing in theaters.

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